More and more states are now legalizing marijuana

At the start of the Biden administration we knew that more blue states will start to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana. This is incredible news for the states that do that because that will mean a lot more revenue for them and the farmers in those states can now start farming their own marijuana and hemp flower.

This means more agricultural production in those states which is definitely a good sign.

But what this also means is that more and more people will start to turn toward hemp flower because they are starting to realize that there is a huge distinction between hemp flower and marijuana. Most people weren’t aware of that.

More people using hemp means less people will have to rely on medicines that cause a huge amount of side effects for them. Not just that, it also causes them to get addicted to those medicines which isn’t good. With CBD, they can consume as much as they want without worrying about overdosing or even getting addicted to it. The human body does not develop a tolerance to it.