How To Shop For Delta 9 THC

Do You Know Delta 9?

Delta 9 is also known as D9. I will refer to it as this throughout this article, so I feel that it’s important that I tell you that now, so that way there won’t be any confusion.

Delta 9 is the type of THC that everybody wants a piece of. Do you know why everyone loves Delta 9 THC so much? It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out after I let you in on a little secret.

Delta 9 is the breed of THC that contains all of those amazing psychoactive properties. I bet that you are fully understanding why D9 is so wanted now. It’s worth all of the rage, that much is a given.

Downside is that the whole reason that people want to get their hands on this type of THC, is the exact reason that it’s also super illegal. Yes folks, I really hate to admit this. Delta 9 THC is very much illegal. I hate having to say this, because it’s really just made from a plant, yet it’s just is how it is.

You might get lucky enough to live in a state that permits the use of recreational and medical Mary Jane. That would be stunning if you did. Not many states have it legalized it though. It’s a super bummer.

Medical Mary Jane isn’t as easy to get your hands on as you might think that it would be. You can’t just make the decision that you want, or need, some medical Mary Jane. That’s not at all how it works. You have to do all sorts of paperwork and etc. to get try qualifying for a medical card. It’s pretty wild. You would think that it would be easier, yet it’s not.


Can There Be A Legal Version Of Delta 9?

I fully get that I just said Delta 9 THC is the super illegal strain of THC, and I still mean that. That is just the way that it is.

Is there a way that there can be legal delta 9 thc gummies? Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if it was? What if I told you that there actually is a legalized version of Delta 9? Oh yeah, you did indeed read that right. There is a way that Delta 9 can be legal for all of us. How is this so?

Surely you know of CBD. I don’t want to get into a lot of specifics on it, because we’re talking about Delta 9, and not CBD, but we need to speak a little about CBD.

CBD is essentially legal all around the US, I mean all throughout the 50 states. If I’m being completely honest, it’s great! It’s making big waves and splashes that definitely need to be made.

There was a Farm Bill that passed in 2018 that permits CBD to be made and produced. It’s the reason that CBD is able to legally produced from hemp. This Farm Bill declares that if CBD is going to be legally made then it can only contain up to 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, or even less than that.

You’re probably hoping that this is not what I was talking about when I said that there was a legal version of Delta 9 available, and you’re in luck. It’s not what I was talking about at all. That small amount of D9 THC that’s in CBD, is not at all what I meant.

That 2018 Farm Bill that I mentioned above? It has a hidden little miracle inside of it. It permits Delta 9 to be legally produced. Say what!? Yes, hemp derived Delta 9 is totally LEGAL for us. I’ll say it again. ¬†Delta 9 that is produced from hemp is completely LEGAL! ¬†How neat is that?


How Do You Shop For Hemp Sourced Delta 9?

It’s quite amazing knowing that there is a legal way to have Delta 9. It’s the absolute best! You might be wondering how you can shop for this legalized version of Delta 9.

It’s not hard to shop for it though. It’s pretty easy to do, and works the same as normal. As long as it’s legal within your state then you can purchase hemp derived D9 however you want.

Hemp sourced D9 is legal everywhere that CBD is pretty much. That means that there is only a handful of states where you might not be able to have access to it at. Word of advice: If you’re not sure what your state laws are on this subject matter, then please look it up online. It’s super easy to do.

You can purchase hemp derived Delta 9 inside of stores where CBD is normally sold at. They might not have a bunch of different brands to choose from unfortunately. These stores might not have a lot of variety in their shops. They might not have a lot of flavors to pick from either, but I guarantee you what they do have will be amazing hemp sourced Delta 9 on their shelves.

You can also shop online for hemp sourced D9 as well. It’s truly great. Online you will have a bigger variety of brands and flavors to choose from. It will have everything that you are looking for, and more. While doing your hemp sourced Delta 9 shopping online, make sure that it’s the legal version of Delta 9 that you’re looking at. We’re doing this the legal way, and want to make sure that we keep it that way.


If Your State Doesn’t Permit It, You Do Have Options

Even if hemp derived D9 and CBD is illegal in your state, you do still have options available to you. Whenever you go out of state to visit, check their state laws. You can purchase and consume all of hemp based Delta 9 there that you want. The only thing that you’re not allowed to do is that you may not bring any back home with you. It is still illegal.